Leaving your home alone and empty can be a pretty scary thing. Even though you’ve prepared the best you could, not being there to handle the normal things that come up – let alone any emergencies that may happen in your absence – can cause a lot of anxiety. It can cost a lot of money too. Let’s face it, many things can happen to your home while you’re not there. That’s where we come in.

cchwCoastal Carolina Home Watch  will be there when you can’t. We will check things out for you and let you know what’s going on. And we’ll do it in a professional and thorough way. Let our trained, insured and bonded staff take the worry out of leaving your home and possessions alone, be it for a week or months at a time. Click Here to Meet Our Team.

Established in 2005, CCHW has the experience, know-how and judgment to keep your mind at ease and reduce the stress of not knowing what’s happening while you are away from the home you love. Click Here to Find About More about CCHW.

At Coastal Carolina Home Watch, we provide the following services to absentee homeowners and seasonal residents of the Grand Strand area of South Carolina:

Coastal Carolina Home Watch is fully insured and bonded and is a charter member of the National Home Watch Association. Our entire team has been carefully screened and trained. Click Here to Contact Us.

Your privacy and trust is our number one concern…and you have our word on that. We are:

Your eyes and ears…when you’re not here.