Keyholder Services

Some homeowners leave their keys with a neighbor or relative. You might have thought that it was your only option. What if your neighbor or relative is away themselves? Or at work or sick or in the hospital? What if there’s a storm on the way, or some other complication? What if you just aren’t comfortable with the idea of neighbors having unfettered access to your home and possessions?

CCHW’s Keyholder Service is a safe, secure and affordable way to have your key available in case of an emergency. CCHW will keep your key under lock and key at our facility. If the need arises, we can meet someone with the key, or it can be picked up at our facility. All keys are security coded and are secured in a safe and locked place.

Our insured and bonded team will make ourselves available to:

  • Meet contractors or service people at your home
  • Meet renters or friends at your home to begin and end their stay
  • Respond to security alarms 24/7
  • Prepare for your arrival

Any issues or situations requiring the use of your key will be handled in a safe and professional manner. Having CCHW hold your key will allow you to get things done without having to wait until your return. Click Here to Contact Us.