Being away from your vacation or second home can be a little scary during hurricane season. The uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to your home during a storm can be stressful. Should the storm shutters be put up? Is everything put away?

Ornaments and decorations can become flying projectiles aimed directly at your home. Are there any tree branches too close to the house? Is there anything on the floor that might get flooded? You’ve got lots of questions and concerns and really want to get here yourself to “batten down the hatches,” but you are too far away to get everything handled yourself.

CCHW is your answer to any questions, doubts or worries associated with storms. Once we’ve met with you to customize a storm plan, the team at CCHW will go to work for you as soon as a major storm has been forecast. We will immediately schedule your home for a pre-storm visit that will include:

  • Moving outdoor furniture to a re-designated area
  • Storing potted plants
  • Installing storm shutters
  • Email or phone documentation of our visit
  • Inspecting your property for ornaments or decorations that should be stored
  • Taking pre-storm pictures
  • Securing of the home

Post-storm, CCHW will be at your home after it is safe to travel. We will do a cursory inspection of your home for any damage and report to you immediately. Should there be any damage, we will take pictures and help coordinate any inspections by your insurance company. Once the storm has passed, we will take down the storm shutters and place everything back where it was. Let CCHW ease your mind and give you confidence that all that could be done was done. Click Here to Contact Us.