Here are a few Testimonials from our Happy Clients:

“Jack and his crew have worked for me on a number of my listings providing lawn service, interior and exterior cleaning and interior painting, carpeting and appliance replacement. His company has exceeded my expectations and I would have no problem using Coastal Carolina Home Watch again in the future. If anyone can get the job done, Jack can!!!”
-B. Ross
Service Category: Handyman
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


“Jack and his staff always provided great service and care with regard to caring for our property. We relied on them for several aspects of home care and landscaping and were satisfied in every aspect. Would highly recommend Jack.”
-The Corveys
Service Category: Home Watch/Landscaping
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity


“Jack has a great personality and takes excellent care of his clients!”
-J. Faiella


“We have used Jack Luber’s Coastal Carolina Home Watch service when we have been gone for several months at a time. We are familiar with the quality of their work and Jack’s willingness to go above and beyond to meet any request we made. This past summer a different situation arose— our daughter’s beach wedding. What made this event unique, was the venue. It was a beach club house that provided no services. We had arranged for various vendor yet someone had to ensure that everyone performed as promised.
CCHW emptied the clubhouse of all furniture, oversaw the installation of wedding reception furniture, cleaned the site to CCHW standards; Jack even trim the bushes to achieve better pictures the morning of the wedding. They stayed throughout the day and long night helping to make sure things ran smoothly. Afterwards they provided transportation home for our guest, leftovers and flowers. They replaced all the venue’s furniture and cleaned the site. Jack and his crew’s attention to detail made it possible for
us to relax and enjoy our daughter’s special day.”

-Dan and Ellie Benati


“After experiencing the excitement of purchasing our long awaited retirement home, the next thought I had was; who will look after my home here in Myrtle Beach, while I am living in faraway New Jersey? Can you imagine investing in a new and second home and the worry I had about my investment. This was supposed to be a happy and while not care free, a joyful experience and here I am worrying about whom I can trust to look after my interest.
I thought of my neighbors. But, I do not know my neighbors well and I did not want to introduce myself an then ask them to look after my home. How rude! And of course, what if my neighbor did something I didn’t like? What if he made a decision that upset me? He is still going to be my neighbor and so I rejected that idea.
Frustrated, I was watching a local TV channel in Myrtle an there they were, Coastal Carolina Home Watch. I was thrilled. It was just what I was looking for and I immediately called CCHW and arranged a meeting. Jack is a charming gentleman and my wife and I immediately has a sense of confidence in him. It was if a family member just stopped by to say hello. CCHW conducted themselves with dignity and consideration for our concerns, It was clear to me that they knew their trade and it helped that they had experienced
the same situation my wife and I was were in.
The feeling of relief and trust we had in Jack and his team was well worth the modest cost of their service. In addition, to my surprise and delight, they were able and capable to provide many services if we needed such work. Today we have moved on to the next and expected level and I am taking on the responsibility of my home, But I still have a feeling of comfort knowing Jack is just a phone call away.
Besides having someone you can trust with your children, your home is the most important investment a family can make and I urge you, without reservation, to consider Jack to become your extended and important part if your family.”

-Will Goodin


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